Trending: Cartier shifts focus on e-catalogues

cartier3Created in 1847, Cartier has become synonymous to good taste and elegance when it comes to fine jewelry. But we are not to imagine that old age can stop the French jewelry maker from staying on top of things and trends even when it comes to combining exquisite taste with technology. Quite the other way round.

by Oana Coşman

The jeweler sent it’s finest customers an email prompting clicks to the digital version of the new jewelry collections. The e-catalogue offers Cartier consumers the possibility to find out more about each item on the manufacturers’ website, to view additional details, prices and to make a purchase.

So, costumers can scroll through the catalogue by using the arrows on either side of the page. All the items in the e-catalogue are shown next to a icon that, when clicked, opens a box that shows the name of the collection and of the selected item, the material it’s made of, item number and a link in order to find out more information.

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