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Picking the best lighting design piece for a modern space can be troublesome, sometimes it’s not about the shape it’s about the right material. That’s why when BRABBU Design studio conceptualizes a new design piece only the finest materials are considered and the ones that are not only trends but that result better in different spaces. Versatility is critical.

On BRABBU’s latest lighting fixtures the variety of fine materials is notable. An unusual wall lamp made in carrara marble, a chandelier that combines the vintage brass with quartz crystals, suspension lights in hammered brass and a copper floor lamp. With this materials choice BRABBU reflects its identity in each piece, raw materials with a classy finish fitting elegantly in the most demanding ambiances.

The versatility of BRABBU’s designs makes them suitable for every interior project, whether regarding hospitality, residential, retail, corporate or even yachts. Also, the brand offers the possibility of customization, therefore all finishes of the standard pieces can be changed according to the clients’ preferences.

Always thinking ahead and in what the brand can do differently and better to fulfil customers’ needs, BRABBU’s design studio made an edgy choice for the new wall lamp MOAI.

We picked a noble material that will enhance any contemporary interior set – marble. It totally represents BRABBU’s essence, picking a raw material and shape it the less possible to maintain its natural form

Sara Lança BRABBU’s Brand and Design Manager

Some of these lighting fixtures will be presented for the first time at Salone del Mobile in Milan.

MOAI Wall Light

MOAI Wall Light was born from the challenge of reinterpreting the famous MOAI statues of Easter Island, into a contemporary lighting piece. Created by the Rapa Nui people, this statues are a symbol of authority and power, which stand tall and proud on one of the most remote islands in the world. A marble wall light that isn’t for the ones with lack of strength. As a reinterpretation of the statues, MOAI Wall Light also stands proud in any home décor.

Materials: Carrara marble.

NAICCA Suspension Light

A brass lamp that recalls the Giant Crystal Caves in Mexico, NAICCA Suspension Light represents the legend of crystal origins – created to represent the dancing soul motion. The brass structure and the quartz crystal of NAICCA Suspension Light merge together in this contemporary lighting to brighten your spirit with a dancing touch.

Materials: Structure: Vintage brass.

Diffuser: Quartz crystal

AURUM Suspension Light III

AURUM Suspension Light represents safety, the shining dawn that is yet to come, its power and enchantment. A lighting design piece that will bring you comfort in the darkest nights with its warm and sensitive light. It will turn your ambience into an exquisite refuge whether during day or during night. Attribute to nature the main role and let it all flow through the matt hammered brass, fulfilling you and your home with its authenticity.

Materials: Hammered brass.

KENDO Floor Light

“By way of the sword”, that’s how Kendo is known, one of the ancient Japanese martial arts. KENDO floor lamp kept alive the samurai history spirit, illustrated by brass bars that resemble bamboo canes. The bamboo in KENDO was designed to give balance and strength to its three brass directional lighting lamps, offering a deep and gentle pattern chosen by you. KENDO floor lamp will set the perfect lighting rhythm, bringing your living room decoration a cozy and intimate environment.

Materials: Structure and shaders in copper

NAU Sofa

As an essential piece of any modern living room, a lounge sofa is the furniture piece where we choose to relax and enjoy some time. NAU – a velvet sofa inspired in the first ships that crossed the Atlantic to America suits perfect in a modern living room. The two peaks on the back of NAU sofa, recall the sails of the ship, bringing the feeling of adventure and discovery to your living room set. A velvet sofa with a vintage finish and a base in wenge, NAU invites you to sit and make your own adventure in the comfort of your modern living room


Fabric: Cotton velvet

Fabric reference: BB MOSS I – Colour 51

Fabric needed: 14,50 mts | 551,2” (Standard width 1,40mts | 55”)

Base: Wenguê

SHERWOOD Center Table

From the legend of Robin Hood arises SHERWOOD, a wood coffee table that steals the name of the royal forest, which is believed the good thief has lived in. The chic walnut root table top and the elegant wood structure of SHERWOOD Coffee Table make it ideal for a mid century modern decor. SHERWOOD does not hide its origins, instead they are embraced and shared. This rectangular coffee table will be the attention catcher in the living room set.


Top in wallnut root with a gold leaf frame

Base in walnut wood

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