Fitness, dance and shows on the FIBOactive Stage

The fitness trends of tomorrow are on show at FIBO 2013. On the FIBOactive Stage a range of new fitness programmes and training methods will be presented, encouraging the audience to join in and work up a sweat. Between 11 and 14 April, a comprehensive programme presented by stars from various segments of the fitness community will be available to sports enthusiasts and fitness aficionados.

Guests will include top presenters from DFAV e.V. Show Mix with an explosive mix of sports aerobics, Hip Hop and Step or from Les Mills who will present the familiar group programmes such as Bodypump or Sh’Bam in the “For a Fitter Planet Show”. Also eagerly expected is a new trend from the USA: BOKWA.

BOKWA auf der FIBO 2013BOKWA

The premiere of BOKWA in Germany is a highlight on the FIBOactive stage. This dance workout comes from the USA and has already become a huge trend in Asia as well. Without any set choreography or counting steps, participants write numbers or letters with their feet, thus moving together to the music. BOKWA is a combination of African dancing, Capoeira, kick boxing and step aerobics. The programme is easy to learn and appeals to all age groups. It builds up endurance, strength and agility and burns lots of calories.

ZUMBA Fitness Party

ZUMBA – a fitness workout FIBO would not be complete without, featuring a unique mix of Latin and international dance music, as well as steps from dances such as Merengue and Samba. Guests on the FIBO ZUMBA stage in 2013 will be Zumba super stars Gina Grant and Tanya Beardsley from the USA.

Xtend Barre

Get fit and stay fit is the motto on the FIBOactive stage on the FIBO Thursday because that’s when professional dancer Andrea Rogers presents the new Xtend Barre fitness trend. This combination exercise consisting of components from Pilates, cardio dance and a barre workout, is suitable for people of any age, sex or fitness level. With approximately 700 calories burnt per session, the exercise combats postural problems and is easy on those muscle groups that tend to get over-exercised quickly.

TRX Rip PowerTRX Rip Power

TRX is a highly functional trend from the USA, relying on short training units and maximum efficiency. This innovative whole-body exercise uses body weight to train strength, endurance, speed, coordination, balance and stability. A functional training that will be presented on the FIBOactive stage by TRX trainers, TRX Suspension trainers and TRX Rip trainers.

Vitality Nights WorkoutVitality Nights

Fitness meets Live Music: Vitality Nights is a workout using small apparatus and emphasising coordination, stabilisation, balance, endurance, cognition, strength, agility, nutrition and psychological aspects. Top presenter on stage is Marcel Baumann together with fusion duo BBBeat – powered by ARTZT vitality®, BOSU®, GymstickTM and Wellenwerker GmbH

FIBO Pole FitnessPole Dance Show

Pole fitness is the fitness workout on the pole. This training welds acrobatic, gymnastic and dance elements into a sophisticated whole-body exercise. On the FIBOactive stage, visitors will see this trend performed at the very highest level. The show will be presented by AHL Sport who will bring pole dance star Tracey Simmonds from South Africa along.

Booty Barre

Pilates, yoga, dance and muscle building exercises – the combination of these types of sports is Booty Barre, an exercise concept consisting of the perfect interaction of strength, agility and cardio training. In Booty Barre, movements are primarily performed at the barre, with this sports programme being suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners and ensuring healthy exercising at the same time. On the FIBOactive stage, Booty Barre is presented by Tracey Mallet.

Christiane Theiss auf der FIBO 2013KWON presents Daniel Gärtner and Dr. Christine Theiss

KWON offers FIBO visitors genuine stars of fitness. Among them are Michael Möller, Daniel Gärtner and Dr. Christine Theiss. Daniel Gärtner, double world kick boxing champion, Kick Boxing World Cup winner and multiple German musical forms champion will appear on stage on Friday between 2.15 and 2.20 p.m. Michael Möller will perform a solo stage programme with a combination of combat and Kata elements. Professional full contact kick boxing world champion Dr. Christine Theiss will give an interview on Sunday between 2.45 and 3 p.m. and answer questions on fitness and training.

Xbase 3D Training ExperianceXbase 3D Training Experiance

The Xbase training device is attached to the floor by suction pads and allows full-degree-of freedom functional training. A large variety of creative strength, coordination, agility and stabilisation exercises can be performed and will be presented on the FIBOactive stage. The expanders of varying strengths and the foot straps make whole-body exercising possible.


A first on the FIBOactive stage are the BEAT NUGGETS – five absolutely sublime dancers who will create excitement, admiration and a great show.

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