12 pitching businesses for the 7 th edition of Venture Connect

ventureLet’s start a new entrepreneurial story…  12 pitching businesses for the 7 th edition of Venture Connect. 


Our product, Style Jukebox, is a music app that lets users bring their entire music collection anywhere and listen to it anytime on the computer or mobile device, even offline. Style Jukebox emerges as a true cross platform, easy to use solution to organize your music across all your devices. We store users music in the Cloud and stream it seamlessly on their Windows PCs, iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Style Jukebox offers a better experience thanks to our native apps, that provide a much smoother experience in both online and offline mode. Style Jukebox is the only cross – platform solution for users that own and collected music throughout their life and are looking for a way to easily store their entire music collection online and listen to it from their various mobile devices.

Use Together is a community and an online platform through which people can lend, give away or swap objects and services. This essentially means using the things we own in an intelligent and sustainable way, saving money, resources and getting to meet nice, like – minded people. “It’s not about owning things, it’s about access to them.”

Using a distributed workforce of 90.000+ members, provides clients with high – quality, cost – effective results at unprecedented speed. We provide managed crowdsourcing solutions to accomplish labor – intensive tasks. Your most complex business problems are broken down into micro – tasks and completed efficiently by an on – demand, scalable workforce. With micro – tasking, you can expect to see results within minutes on projects such as Content Moderation, Product Matching and Attribute Identification, Search Relevance, Data Categorization, Sentiment Analasys and much more.


smartdreamers is an unique online platform which brings together the latest modern tools with a network of thousands of young talents, to offer companies the fastest on demand workforce system. Trough and smart dreamers app, companies can now mobilize young talents to do work anywhere, anytime. With hundreds of companies searching for young talents to get things done, students and graduates have access to thousands of temporary and permanent jobs.

Bookster is the first modern library which offers personalized reading recommendations with free delivery to your office. Bookster selects only the best books, articles, case studies and video materials on each subject, curated by experts, academics and professionals. We’re developing a proprietary recommendation algorithm that will map the unique needs and preferences of each user and match them with the most suitable reading materials. In other words, we will help you disc over your dreams and the best books to help you reach them.

Bookster works as a “low cost/high value” corporate benefits program for education, similar to food coupons, healthcare plans or gym access. Based on a very affordable subscription plan paid by t he company, employees have unlimited access to all of our materials.

Bookster also offers the HR and Training managers, tools to encourage and monitor the development of their employees. The online platform ( is developed as a social network around  friends. We want to become a modern “IMDb” for books with a strong focus on personal growth and professional development.


CarsCup is the first social game built for men. You can finally upgrade the virtual version of your real life car, improve it and participate in races around the world. Even more, you will be able to join car clubs together with your friends and become the best racing pilot in the world. The team has a strong social gaming background (they built/cofounded,car community background (cofounding the first Romanian community of Alfa Romeo owners) and strong UI and Lean Development experience.


The more mature people, aged between 20 and 35 years, need games that would match their age and interests. Besides having fun they need communication, knowledge and application of ideas. So we decided to offer complex and innovative projects, with economic elements such as ProEconomica. Here they can spend their time in a pleasant and helpful way while learning interesting facts about economy and even more. For example, ProEco is not only an economic game in which you launch and managecompanies. It’s a small social network with communication applications, with management communities’ tools that contribute to customer loyalty. Real life elements such as developing your own country and city, various missions and economic tests – all this make from ProEco something special and attractive to users. Here they find applications that encourage them to compete, to have fair play, and leads them to create the game it self.


Traderion is a virtual reality game simulating the international interbank markets through an authentic trading engine. The project started offline over a business summer school in Sibiu, 2011, organized by one of the founders and received a great feedback from the participants. Later that year, an improved version of the game was successfully organized for students in ASE. Encouraged by the participants wish to continue playing, the founders decided to create an online version of the game. That’s how Traderion was born.


Synappsio is the most powerful platform to create native mobile applications for online stores. With Synappsioyou get a new marketing tool, faster development process, a new way to write and test your code, the best coding experience you ever had, a new shopping experience, another way to stay in touch with the store you like and the possibility to browse the cat alog even if you don’t have internet access. Synappsio is the fastest way to transform an e – commerce into m – commerce.

Render Street

The main problem for our customers is that their 3D projects take too much time to render on the computers they have access to. For projects larger than hobby work, rendering on a farm solves this problem by allowing the customers to take advantage of the hundreds of servers available in the farm. Current render farms are not very accessible to regular users.

They are either very complicated to use and offer little feedback, or are very expensive. Tech support is also a frequent problem and usually assumes that the users are tech – savvy persons.


An online system to help IT professionals and companies who need to hire them, find each other fast, by relying on skills tested in a gamified way.

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